We generate opportunities for new and better businesses.

Food hunting

We have a wide net of partners in Latin America, all of them audited by Silchron in person, with whom we work searching for opportunities for our customers.

Directly from the origin, so our customers make better businesses in a direct way, and with a complete traceability “from the farm to the shelf”.

Search for products, trends, innovations.
– Technical visits.
– Audits.
– Selection.

Solution proposals

We are in the field and we know the local culture. For this reason, we give solutions of high value according to the market situation, tendencies, climate impact, and all the aspects of the product.

Retail Products:
We also develop products in retail format for different supermarket chains, participating in each stage and adding our experience to speed up the development times.

– When to buy.
– Where to buy.
– Who to buy from

We execute and monitor

We are your eyes at the origin, but also your hands.

We manage the quality standards of each market, and we also know the new trends and regulations. For this reason, we develop each business as unique, being strict and proactive in our working style.

– Contracts Management.
– Logistic Coordinations.
– Pre-Shipment Inspections.
– Stuffing reports.
– Revision and approval of documents.
– Stock Management.





SILCRHON S.A., company that intends to boost and promote the strategies of acquisition of our customers, offering products that comply with exigent standards of quality. In this way, we develop our activities considering cooperative principles that reflect our commitment with:

  • The peace of mind of our customers, understanding their necessities and expectations, and developing our activities searching for their satisfaction.
  • The sustainability pillars, promoting the development of activities that contribute to generate a positive impact in the environment, as well as to the ethical and personal development.
  • The Food Culture and Safety of the product, promoting the positive values related to the subject, focusing and complying with the guidelines and doctrines in such subjects, promoting the importance and the understanding/consequence of the areas in which we work, that directly or indirectly may affect the people’s health.
  • Products that comply with the requirements of health and safety, quality, legality, authenticity, processes, specifications established from the norms and from the interested entities.

  • Guaranteeing that the products offered, are elaborated in facilities that comply with all the corresponding regulations established in the legal and regulatory norms.
  • To develop the focus based on risks, for the better analysis of our decisions and situations, looking for developing the several activities based on the continuous improvement and quality cycle, and integrating the tools that allow us to improve in time, acknowledging that we have a long way to go.
  • The company compromises its experience, better willingness, and resources that are at our disposal to guarantee this Policy of Food Quality and Safety Management, and also the corresponding requirements that may arise in the context in which we develop our activities.

This policy is periodically revised for its continuous adaptation, and communicated to all the interested entities, for their information, and collaborative adhesion on its development and compliance.


We visit, audit and select the best suppliers under internationally recognized quality standards.

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